Intoit Travel Group

Intoit Travel Group

Do you like unique experiences, adventures, and unforgettable travels? Welcome to Intoit Travel Group and six unique travel-, event- and experience companies.

Intoit Travel Group is a hybrid of an incubator and an investment company. We both start, and acquire niche travel-, event- and experience companies. Our mission is to develop our companies so that customers, employees, and owners all get an even better experience.

Common to all companies within the Intoit Travel Group is that the employees in each company are passionate specialists in their respective area. All that an Intoit company sell is also climate compensated and the local suppliers are always a priority, both in terms of housing, food, and community. Our goal is to always create travels and experiences with a “wow factor”.

The number one expert in traveling to and around Africa since 2007. If you dream of a trip to South Africa, a safari in Tanzania or Kenya or maybe to experience the magical and exotic Madagascar? Let African Tours & Safaris arrange the trip for you.
Is a professional tour operator for sailing trips in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and across the Atlantic. More Sailing has sailing trips for everyone and tailors everything to your specific wish.
Have all the diving trips you dream of. Scuba Travel  arranges diving trips to the whole world. Land-based travel and liveaboard. Scuba Travel has the perfect diving trip for you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver.
Are specialists at creating successful communication and building strong relationships for groups through experiences, meetings & travels. Every year, Hummingbird arranges hundreds of meetings and conference trips, always tailored to the customer’s needs.
Invictus Travel & Training  is a specialist in fitness traveling. Training experiences in beautiful environments for CrossFit, yoga, cycling and triathlon together with your box, team, yoga group or club. In addition to exclusive agreements with fitness resorts, Invictus ensures that everything works smoothly so that everyone can focus on training, experiences, and simply having a good time.
Is a specialist in travels to exotic destinations and exclusive cruises around the world. If you are looking for an expert on dream holidays to the Caribbean, Maldives, Mauritius, Australia or New Zealand, please contact Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel..

Become a part of Intoit

Do you have a really good idea, or do you already run a company that you want to develop, accelerate, or get support with? Intoit is a hybrid of an incubator and an investment company and has since 1999 invested in 18 companies. Common to the investments is that they are companies related to the travel and experience industry with a desire to grow and develop further.

Start-ups and investments

Since 1999, Intoit has been involved in 18 companies, mainly as the majority owner. Seven of the companies have been start-ups and 11 have been investments in existing companies. Today, Intoit is the main owner of six companies. These are African Tours & Safaris, More Sailing, Scuba Travel, Hummingbird Group & Conference, Invictus Travel & Training and Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel.

In eight of the companies, sales have more than 10-fold increased during the time that Intoit has been the majority owner. In addition to focusing on growth, we put big efforts in to building structural capital within each unit. We build scalability and increase quality assurance with systems and processes that are often a result of the investments we make and a “best practice” exchange between the companies within Intoit.

Here are the companies that Intoit started or invested in:

Current investments
More Sailing Seglingsresor AB
More Sailing Seglingsresor AB Sailing holidays in, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Sweden and Caribbean

African Tours & Safaris
Safari and experiences in Africa

More Yacht Club
Bases for boat rental

Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel
Travelin to exotic destination

Scuba Travel
Experts at dive traveling worldwide

Star Karaoke
Karaoke bars with boxes

Invictus Travel & Training
Fitness traveling

Hummingbird Grupp & Konferens 
Conference- and Study trips

Dive Travel Finland
Dykresor i Dinland


Hansen Conference & Event
Meeting and Events Worldwide

The Inspiration Company

Motivation and incentive programs for business

Hotel at Åland

Croatia Yacht Club
Sailing trips to Croatia

Africana Travel
Travel to Africa

Hansen & Partners Affärsresor
Business traveling
Now under the name Egencia

The Cape Town Pass
Destination pass for Cape Town

Poseidon Travel
Marine Traveling

Viva Italia
Boutique and gourmet traveling to Italy

Croatia Yacht Club doo
Base for boat rental

Back office system for the travel industry, 
Now called Softtronic

Bushman Sands
Hotel in South Africa with golf, 
safari and conferens ameneties

Prima Travel
Hiking and Biking trips

Crossroads Loyalty Solution
Loyalty programs and Costumer Clubs
Now called Awardit

Scandinavian Yacht fleet
Travel to Africa

Growth and development

Intoit has a clear focus on growing its companies while still being profitable. In eight of eighteen companies, sales have more than 10-fold increased during the time that Intoit has been a partner.

Some of Intoit’s growth examples:

Hansen Conference & Event
A start up that went from 0 to 220 msek with a good consistent profit each year.

Prima Travel
A investment that went from 8,5 to 45 msek with a good consistent profit each year.

Hansen & Partners Affärsresor
A start up that went from 0 to 250 msek in 5 years.

Croatia Yacht Club
A investment that went from 10 to 150 msek with a good consistent profit each year.

Hans Ericsson, cofounder of
Hansen & Partners Affärsresor:

Intoit’s part in the fact that we were able to build a profitable turnover of a quarter of a billion in five years was mainly three things. Willingness to invest in systems that allowed us to scale up. Great understanding of the business and quick situation-adapted decision making that always steered towards the set goals.

Johan Magnusson, founder of
Prima Travel:

When Prima Travel became part of Intoit Travel Group, we received support and assistance and we could concentrate on the core business. It really paid off and gave us 10 years of consecutive growth, all the time with profitability.

Renato Huljev, founder of
Croatia Yacht Club:

Croatia Yacht Club got an environment in Intoit where we could take advantage of supplier agreements, systems, finance department and equally important we came into a context with other growth-oriented tour operators.



In most of Intoit’s investments, it is the CEO / founder / creator of ideas who has contacted Intoit. Often because you lack a speaking partner. Someone who understands the business modell. And someone who can help take the company forward and accelerate growth. Intoit always works closely with each company’s CEOs.

We are proud of the partnerships we have had and have. And all partnerships are unique. But the foundation always has to be that it is a win-win relationship and we greatly enjoy the rich exchanges between us and our portfolio companies.

Our next investment?

Are you thinking about how to further develop your company? Do you lack a partner who understands and can contribute to the growth of your company? Do you have the business idea but not the funding? Or is it time for generational change. The reasons can be many. Get in touch with us and let’s have an initial discussion. Who knows, it might be the beginning of a fantastic journey together.

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